A Baby Massage therapy simply refers to a gentle, loving and caring touch that a mother gives to her baby. This is definitely one of the most important nurturing experiences any mother can have with her baby. There are several types of baby massage including; leg massage, belly massage, arm massage, neck massage, colic relief massage and hold me a close massage. A Baby massage therapy can have long-term impacts such as enhancing the early bonding between babies and their mothers. This kind of massage is ideal for all children depending on their ages.

Baby massage benefits your baby in numerous ways, including;

Promotes relaxation

Baby massage promotes relaxation of your baby in many beautiful ways. For starters, it helps in loosening your baby’s muscles. It also soothes irritable babies, enhances their breathing pattern, nourishes their skin, improves their sleep patterns, and stimulates the release of pent-up tension and oxytocin production. Relaxation helps in improving the wellbeing of your baby in many unique ways including stress relieving.

Triggers Stimulation

Researchers have discovered that massaging your baby can help in stimulating their circulatory system and nervous system myelination. Regular baby massage sessions can be invaluable in stimulating their lymphatic system, weight accumulation, strengthening their immune systems, growth, and development. Baby massage therapy is also known to stimulate your baby’s language skills and coordination especially when you make it a habit of talking or singing to them during the gentle stroking.

Enhances Interaction

It is a fact that baby massage therapy sessions can enhance the bonding or relationship between babies and their parents. This kind of therapy is not only effected by mothers since fathers can also massage their babies. Massaging your baby regularly from an early stage will undoubtedly lead to a healthier parent-baby relationship and communication. Interestingly, it has been found that children who were regularly massaged during their early childhood enjoy better relationships with their peers. In other words, baby massage helps in creating trust, boosting their confidence and promoting positive values during childhood to adulthood.

Promotes physical and emotional relief

Health experts encourage mothers to massage their babies on regular basis due to its effectiveness in promoting both emotional and physical relief. Baby massage helps in providing relief for constipation, trapped wind, and colic. It also eradicates teething complications, congestion, and speeds up myelination of their nervous system leading to better body-brain coordination. In addition to all that, baby massages are vital in helping your baby release their emotional stress effectively.

From the above facts, it is evident that baby massages are more than just gentle and soothing strokes. There are many studios offering baby massage throughout Dublin, we hope Massage4Dublin helps you find the perfect one!

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