Cupping Therapy Dublin

Cupping therapy might be the “hot thing” in the alternative medicine world, but it’s not a new thing; it’s been practiced by Chinese, Egyptian, and Middle Eastern cultures for centuries. In fact, one of the oldest medical journals retrieved in some parts of Egyptian revealed that the Pharaohs practiced cupping therapy even way back in 1550 BC. Today, cupping in Dublin is an alternative treatment that is part of deep tissue massage.

cupping in dublin

What’s Cupping Therapy?

True to its name, Cupping therapy is an ancient type of alternative medicine that encompass a therapist putting special cups on the skin for a few moments to generate suction. It’s typically infused into a deep-tissue massage, and uses cups that are typically made of bamboo, glass, silicone or earthenware. In principle, many people seek the help of a cupping therapists to reap many benefits including alleviation of pain, inflammation, improvement of blood circulation, and enhancement of relaxation and overall well-being. There are two types of cupping therapy: wet and dry.

Benefits of Cupping in Dublin?

Help Reduce Pain
People often opt for alternative treatment modalities because they are looking for a safe way to naturally alleviate various types of pain. Cupping therapy, for one, has been established to reduce pain in people with lower back problems. It’s not uncommon to hear about an athlete who’s turned to cupping therapy to ease the pain associated with aching muscles.

Promotes Relaxation
It might seem far-fetched, but cupping therapy has been known to be calming and quite rejuvenating. The science behind this phenomenon is also sound. Studies have shown that cupping techniques stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, a part of our brain that is responsible for restoring the state of calmness and relaxation.

Skin Care
Cupping therapy is popularly used to reduce cellulite, herpes, acne, and a plethora of skin inflammation. In doing so, you can garner a tighter skin and more radiant complexion. Cupping has also been found to increase blood flow to all parts of the skin.

Boost Immunity
Cupping generally improves circulation in the body, leading to increased supply of oxygen and nutrients to the cells. With an abundance of oxygen and nutrition in the cells, the body can regenerate and regrow more disease-fighting white blood cells.

Ease Effects of Respiratory Complications
Complications of the respiratory system, including asthma, flu, and others can take a toll on your body. Cupping has been known to rejuvenate the lungs by clearing away congestion and phlegm, easing the effects of allergies, infection, and so forth.

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