If you haven’t been hiding under a rock, you must have experienced or at least heard about facial massage. There are many massage studios offering a facial massage in Dublin and surrounding areas. The problem is that despite gaining heightened traction in the past two decades, facial massage trails other forms of massage and spa treatments including acupuncture, foot massage, tantra, back massage, and so forth. Perhaps people don’t know the clear-cut benefits of this crucial type of massage.

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More often than not, we only give our faces superficial attention – daily lotion treatment, makeups, and a few touches. However, there are over 15 muscles and tendons in our face that work around the clock, accumulating tension caused by facial expressions as well as bad-for-you air conditioning and pollution. So, to say human face bears the brunt of a beating is an understatement. That’s where facial massage comes into play.

What’s Facial Massage?

Again, facial massage has gained popularity in the western hemisphere and beyond for its effectiveness. Just like other body muscles, facial muscles call for exercise to keep working without much hassle. Simply put, facial massage is a beauty treatment meant to bolster healthier and younger-looking skin, and to slow down the aging clock. It’s been known to also relieve bouts of migraines, stress, sinus congestion, and severe cases of PMS.

Top Benefits of Facial Massage in Dublin

If you’ve received a facial massage before, you’d reckon its immediate results, from relaxation to improvement of mood and everything in between. Massage experts claim that facial massage offers much more than that.

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Improve Circulation
It’s no secret that facial massage helps with blood circulation. For an enhanced flow, it is recommended that a subtle massage is undertaken by working on the soft lines around brows, eyes, and mouth. The action allows the blood vessels to dilate.

Relieve Tension
When your face muscles are tensed up, most often they host a riot of wrinkles which can be eliminated by massaging them out on a regular basis. It keeps tension and breakouts at bay as well as improve your complexion. Facial massage is well-known for relieving stress too. How so? The action of massaging facial muscles in itself encourages production of “happy-making” hormones, serotonin and dopamine.

Look and Feel Younger
Facial massage is an effective natural facelift. By stimulating the facial muscles with a regular massage, you bring in more oxygen and nutrients to that spot – which is all-naturale way of anti-aging your skin. Increased blood flow boosts collagen production, which in turn, gives your skin that natural and healthy glow to complexion.

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