It’s undeniable that most of us are up on our feet for hours every day. Whether you are in a hospital, factory, supermarket or even in the kitchen, it’s always our feet that bear the brunt of a beating from everyday hustles and bustles. That being said, foot massage – much like reflexology – has been performed in a variety of cultures around the globe for centuries to bolster well-being and health.

Nowadays, food massage is considered an alternative and complementary treatment/therapy used by many people to reduce stress and stress, alleviate pain, rehabilitate injuries, and improve overall health. In essence, foot massage encompasses the application of pressure to certain points on our feet, and act that is poised to affect several other body parts.

Benefits of Foot Massage

When you book a spa session with a professional foot masseuse, it would not be just your feet that’ll benefit; foot massage offers myriad advantages, including:

Excellent for Relaxation
Foot massage has been known to eliminate stress and anxiety, bring about a sense of tranquility and deep relaxation. Foot massage experts usually target one import zone of the foot called solar plexus reflex. Dubbed “stress warehouse,” applying pressure to this region of the feet allows for the release of accumulated stress. With that, you can experience a feeling of rejuvenation and renewal.

Improved Circulation and Detoxification
Healthy blood circulation is paramount for efficient supply of nutrients and oxygen to various parts of the body. That being said, foot massage has been billed to help rev up blood circulation. Apart from inducing plenty supply of oxygen and nutrition, enhanced blood flow also helps cleanse toxins and waste from our bodies.

Improved Immunity
A robust and fully-fledged immunity is crucial for our body to fight off diseases and ailments. The deep relaxation that can be achieved through a foot massage is necessary to keep stress and anxiety at bay. This way, your immunity can thrive easily and offer protection against a variety of diseases typically associated with stress.

Beat Headaches and Migraines
Pain zones on your feet are responsible for a number of migraine- and headache-causing symptoms. A foot massage can help you release tension and stresses in these regions so you can enjoy a pain-free life.

Harmony and Balance
Through a foot massage, you can attain a state of balance when all body systems work in harmony with each other. Called homeostasis, this state of balance and inner peace can help you live a fuller and healthier life.

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