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Head Massage vs. Facial Massage

Of Similar Origins

Head massage and facial massage are fundamentally different, but they also borrow a leaf from each other on various aspects of the massage. Head massage is an ancient beauty treatment that owes its roots to the Himalayan Mountains of India and has been performed for more than 9000 years. Modern head massage generally involves the application of pressure to points in the shoulders (including upper arms), head and the upper back, releasing muscle blockage and knots. Facial massage, on its end, is a form of spa treatment that targets the face muscles to relieve tension and achieve relaxation and restoration of energy.

Facial Massage Techniques

Classic facial massage is conducted on a massage table with the client comfortably lying on his or her back. In facial massage, for one, the direction in which the massage is performed matters. In essence, massage therapist should conduct the exercise in harmony with the exotic flow of the tissue and muscles in your face – whether it’s the brow, chin, forehead or under the ears. The correct motions and direction of pressure enhance the benefits of the treatment. The massage pressure should not be at a level that feels unpleasant. For the best results, the masseuse should modulate the pressure depending on skin condition. Any delicate part such as around the eye calls for less pressure while sturdy regions like the facial contours or cheeks require more pressure. In regard to massage speed, the facial massage therapist should move the fingers in sync with blood pulse.

Head Massage Techniques

On the other hand, a head massage is performed while the person is comfortably seated and casually dressed, with masseuse standing right behind. As a rule of thumb, every head massage starts off with a breathing exercise. In this technique, the therapist holds the client’s shoulders and tell him to take reps of slow, deep breaths. This way, the client can achieve some sort of relaxation. The massage expert then starts massaging the neck and shoulders, working on a variety of muscles using different techniques, including thumb-walking, finger pressure, petrissage, palm circles, sweeps, and kneading.

Both massage therapies involve the use of a variety of natural oils and herbal blends to achieve maximum results.


Both head and facial massages are done with the sheer intention of unblocking trapped energy and releasing tension in order for the client to get calm and relaxed. While facial massage is geared towards face muscles, head massage goes for all the muscles in the head, neck, upper back, and shoulders. Sometimes head massage is performed to encourage lush hair growth.

Head Massage vs. Facial Massage Dublin

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