What’s Hot Stone Massage?

Hot stone massage is a natural spa therapy that incorporate use of warmed stones that are strategically placed on parts of a person’s body to enhance therapeutic benefits. This form of therapeutic regimen has gained immense popularity in the past three decades and is now a mainstay feature in most spas. There are many massage facilities offering a hot stone massage in Dublin. Read on to learn more, or skip to the bottom of the page for a link straight to hot stone massage listings!

hot stone massage in dublin

How Does it Work?

Many stones used here are smooth-surfaced rocks or river stones, with most of them made of basalt. They are often heated in a sanitized water bath before they are positioned on a client’s body. In principle, high iron content in basalt gives the stones the ability to keep heat longer. Hot stone massages work on the spine offering both psychological and physical benefits. Once you have found a massage studio which offers a hot stone massage in Dublin, simply phone them or drop in to their studio to make a booking.

hot stone dublin

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage in Dublin

Relaxes your muscles
Supply of heat from the hot stones help your muscles to relax. Muscle relaxation, in effect, is crucial for the therapist to offer more effective and plausible massage; overly tight or stiff tissues and muscles can make the massage procedure a little arduous. Heat can also heal sore muscles.

Enhance Circulation
Often, the therapist lets the heated stones linger on trigger/energy points in your body before proceeding with the actual massage. This way, the heat emanating from the stones reach deep into your body tissues and dilate your blood vessels, leading to improved circulation. Poor blood flow, in essence, can lead to fatigue which allows a buildup of lactic acid and fluid in the muscles. Healthy circulation is crucial for improved supply of oxygen to the muscles, which can ease pains and aches in your body.

Relief Pain
Unlike other forms of massage, the intense nature of hot stone massage helps relieve pain caused by tension in the muscles much more efficiently. The incorporation of heat leaves a client feeling physically much better. Also, applying heat on pain points along the spine can be helpful in relieving pain.

Mental Benefits
Hot stone massage offers myriad mental benefits on top of physical ones. Much like any type of massage, this spa treatment provides you with deep relaxation that can help ease tension and stress. It’s for this reason that hot stone massage may be of help in combating several symptoms of chronic depression and anxiety disorders. Increased blood circulation following deep heat treatment can also spur production of “happy hormones” in your brain.

Improve Flexibility and Mobility
Stiff and tensed joints and their muscles are primary culprits in most mobility problems. Hot stone massage, for one, can help increase flexibility in joints by enhancing movement and mobility.

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