Ready to get rejuvenated and refreshed? An Indian head massage is an age-old form of massage that’s offered in many spas and massage parlours in and around Dublin. It’s especially popular for enhancing versatility and mobility in both shoulders and the neck. In fact, today’s aromatherapists infuse Indian head massages into their detoxification routines.

What’s Indian Head Massage?

As you might have already inferred from the name, Indian Head Massage is a beauty treatment that has been practiced in India for thousands of years. Historically, this deep-style massage was adapted from the Ayurvedic tradition that was initially restricted to the head and hair, but now focuses primarily on the neck, shoulders, and also the head.

How Does It Work?

Again, Indian head massage follows the ancient Ayurvedic tradition in which methodical messaging is applied to Chakras (energy centres) to release any blocked negative “energies”. There are seven Chakras in total, and negative energies manifest themselves as injuries or diseases. So, the massage works by applying pressure to particular points on the shoulders, neck, and head, corresponding to each Chakra. This way, the person receiving the massage can enjoy optimum health and a sense of wellbeing.

Benefits of Indian Head Massage

Keep Headaches, Migraines, and Back Pain at Bay
It’s been scientifically proven that tension in the neck, shoulders and upper back can lead to back pain, headaches, and migraines, causing insurmountable daily discomfort or even cause severe stress or clinical depression. But, Indian head massage can help you get rid of the tension before it spills over to the rest of your upper body. The massage duly releases knots and muscle tensions, leading to an improved circulation of the cerebral fluid and elimination of headache-causing blockages.
Enhanced Hair Growth
If you have been trying to grow a burst of hair, Indian head massage can do the trick. The allure of this form of massage lies in the fact that it boosts nourishment and supply of oxygen to the hair follicle and scalp, two crucial elements for robust hair growth.
Better Sleep
Indian head massage attacks the physical symptoms (back pain, headaches, migraines) that lead to insomnia. This way, you can have a deeper relaxation and better nighttime rest.
Eliminate Stress and Depression
Again, this type of head massage encourages increased flow of blood and circulation of oxygen, which is one of the best avenues for uplifting one’s mood and reducing stress/depression. Much like exercise, head massage promotes the production of “happy making hormones” and “creative juices”.

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