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Green Life Spa

In addition to the rich offer of professional massages and medical treatments (cavitation, mesotherapy …), the spa center

Spa Castle

Multiple purified air dispensers, which distribute filtered oxygen-enriched air, are installed throughout the spa. Each visitor is provided

Parlour Wellness

Inspired by men’s grooming the old-fashioned way, with more than a nod to the classic British barbershop, Neville

Wudoo Spa Center

Born and raised in East London, this colourful and creative parlour combines accessible beauty with Shoreditch cool. Cheeky

Tone House Gym

“Unleash your inner athlete” is the mantra of this Union Square studio, which boasts one of the city’s

Uplift Studio

Between small-group classes (topping out at 10 people), hands-on personal training and a locker room that’s more stocked

Pym’s Thai Massage

Pym’s Thai Massage Pym is a fully certified Thai Health masseuse, who studied in Thailand at Thai Traditional