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Before diving into the details of what massage in Dublin 1 are available, firstly let’s clarify exactly where Dublin 1 is. It’s one of the best known areas in the county as it contains O’Connell Street, an area of attraction for tourists and natives alike. D1 also includes Henry Street, Jervis Street, the IFSC region all the way to the docklands. Parnell Street is also included as well as the North Quays, and some other surrounding areas. If you walk around these areas you may notice a few massage studios but even with such high footfall, most do not have eye catching advertising so you may not easily find one.


O'Connell Street, Dublin 1.
O’Connell Street, Dublin 1.

Dublin 1 Massage Types

Because Dublin 1 is right at the heart of Dublin, it has heavy foot-fall and is a busy area. Accordingly, there are many massage providers in the area. Like the rest of Dublin, Thai and Chinese massage therapy are the most common types of massage on offer. However you will also find other more alternative options such as chiropractors, African massage, and holistic massage.

Locations of Massage in Dublin 1

There are a number of massage studios on Capel Street, as well as Talbot Street and Parnell Street. There appear to be none on O’Connell Street (due to the high rent no doubt), but there is a good selection of massage studios within walking distance of the Spire.

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