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So you’re business is already in our directory (if it isn’t, submit it here), but you want to maximise your chances of getting paying customers? Then our affordable membership package is for you. The membership package offers a wide range of benefits, helping you advertise your massage business, which are described clearly below.

1. Detailed Listing

With a membership package, you’re listing will contain not just the basics: address and number, but will now also include:

  • Text description to entice users
  • Opening hours
  • Ability to receive reviews – improving trustworthiness
  • Website link
  • Images
  • Video

We can help you to populate this information to make it as professional and enticing as possible, increasing your clickthrough rate and overall paying customers.

2. Verified Listing

If you purchase a membership pack, your listing will be considered claimed and verified. An icon indicating that your listing is verified will be shown alongside the title of your business both in search results pages, and on your listing details page. This lets users know that the listing is trustworthy, and it helps your listing to stand out among unclaimed listings.

3. Reviews

You will be able to accept and moderate reviews about your business. Getting reviews is important as users will use this information to make a decision as to whether or not to use your service. If you have a good number of positive reviews, the chances of receiving paying customers is much higher than if you have no reviews.

4. Featured Listing


This is another feature which helps your listing to stand out. It will appear above unclaimed listings, and will also be displayed in a highlighted fashion, with an orange border around the listing to help it stand out.

5. Opening Hours

You’ll now have the option of including opening hours within your listing. This gives the user useful information about your business and saves them wondering whether or not you’re open. It also avoids the situation of them arriving do your premises when it’s closed, leading to frustration.

6. Backlink to your Website

You’ll have the option to put a link to your website/facebook page within your listing. Backlinks pointing to your site will help improve your sites search ranking in Google and other search engines. In addition, if a user requires more information about your service, they can easily head over to your website to continue their research.

7. Ability to Blog Post

After you sign up for the membership package, you will have the ability to submit articles to our blog which can reference your service at the bottom of the text. This shows your knowledge on the subject of massage and will build your reputation and credibility.

8. Website Discount

Upon becoming a member, you will receive a significant discount code for WebDesign4Dublin website services. This is perfect if you don’t already have a website for your business. The WebDesign4Dublin website package is very affordable and includes everything required to get your business online for maximum exposure.

9. Private Forum Access

You will have access to a private forum for members only. Here you can exchange ideas, share knowledge, pursue partnerships, sell items, etc.

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