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Overcoming Massage Shyness

Getting a massage is truly a beautiful and fabulous experience for anyone despite age, shape, ethnicity or even gender. More often than not, however, newbies are shy to go all in during their first massage. They feel that they are stepping into a new and unfamiliar territory. But, there’s actually nothing to fret about when getting a massage.
In this blog posts, we would like to encourage those who are shy about getting a massage with top reasons why experiencing a massage is safe, healthy, and should be comfortable. Read on; you will be glad you did and eventually overcoming massage therapy shyness.


Do Something New

Remember the first time you tried yoga, meditation, acupuncture or other therapeutics? Well, it might seem a little uneasy at the beginning, but you’ll ease into it and the whole process will become effortlessly smooth. You might be shy because you don’t want to try something you’re not familiar with. But, in life, often the most sizzling experiences come when you try something outside your comfort zone. When you do try a massage – and like it – you will wish you’d started years ago. Remember it’s all in your head; beat the shyness so you can enjoy the exhilarating benefits of a massage.

Massage Studios Are Professional and Discreet

It’s sad that today’s world is still rife with body shaming. In massage parlours, however, everything is professional. These studios, no matter where they are located in Dublin, are staffed with massage experts who are used to people of all body types and have seen everything there is to see. Indeed, they’ll welcome you and won’t judge you no matter your situation. Even better, all massage studios hand-pick qualified, certified, and experienced masseuses who know their trade like the back of their hands.

Cozy Surrounding

Excellent massage parlours have an incredible in-studio environment. Here, you will enjoy soothing music, impeccably clean facilities, and cool ambiance that’s tailored to your needs. Depending on your preference, the massage studio can feature therapeutic incense.

What If I Am Too Shy?

If you feel overwhelmed by your first massage, get a friend, family or someone you trust to accompany you and make a day event out of it. After getting through it with someone else, you will feel more comfortable going alone. Most massage studios in Dublin are newcomer-friendly, and will try to make the whole experience effortlessly easy for you. The bottom line is that getting a massage is safe – and should be comfortable, if done rightly.