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Solid Growth, Promising Outlook

This time last month I wrote a sport post about our progress, it looks like it’s becoming a monthly tradition – for now! We’ve continued to see growth in the number of listings – approaching 100, and we have another 100+ to add in the coming weeks. We’re really looking forward to providing you with all of this information in a clean structure so you can find the best massage to suit you, no matter what you want.

Not only has the number of listings increased, but we’ve seen a steady increase in the number of visitors to Massage4Dublin. This is primarily due to our ongoing strong efforts in Search Engine Optimisation, as well as our content. We have about 15 hits per day which might not sound like much, but keep in mind that these hits are highly targeted, and that we aren’t yet in number 1 in Google – that number is likely to increase by a factor of 5 – and we do plan on getting there. In the last 30 days we’ve had 240 visitors, and over 900 page views. Our bounce rate is a healthy 50%. The most popular listing page was Sunlight Massage which isn’t surprising as this was the first featured listing of the website – being featured does work!

We also worked on the load times of the website, they are still not perfect and we will continue to improve them, but they have improved dramatically. This also helps with search engine optimisation, as well as viewing the website on a smartphone or tablet. We are on page 1 of for several competitive terms – we’ll take over page one so watch out competition, you’ve been warned – it’s on.

In the coming weeks we’ll be adding more listings to the site, adding more useful articles and blog posts, and increasing the traffic of the site. We are also preparing materials in order to get some more signups to the website, we now have solid data to back up the benefits of the site, and we know traffic will continue to increase in the coming months.