There are a number of Thai massages throughout Dublin. It appears to be the most supplied type of massage in Dublin, and therefore it’s probably the most in demand. There is a great selection in all areas, but in this case we’ll focus on Thai massage in Dublin 1.

Thai Massage in Dublin 1 Listings

D1 covers an area to the north of the river Liffey, including Parnell Street, O’Connell Street, Liffey Street, and other nearby areas. There are currently no massage studios on O’Connell Street, and this goes for all massage types. However, there are several within walking distance. For a up to date list of Massage providers offering Thai services, check our directory listings below.

Thai Massage in Dublin 1

A Walkthrough Dublin 1 Thai Offerings

There are currently in the region of 5-10 Thai massage facilities. The bulk of them reside along and around Abbey Street, from Upper to Middle, to Lower reaching Marlborough Street. In addition there is presently one to the north on Capel Street, and there are a small number in neither of these two locations, but all are within reasonable walking distance of eachother. To get a better and more detailed view of the Thai massage studios in D1, check out our directory listings below.

Thai Massage D1 Listings